7unforgettable days

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Clear your calendar - the seven days of IATF2023 will be non-stop. With expert sessions and speakers, live performances, an unparalleled list of exhibitors, and some very special cultural highlights, you’ll want to explore everything IATF2023 has to offer.

The best of the African Trade Market

Meet over 1600 exhibitors showcasing their work from different sectors and countries across Africa. Be part of a unique African platform to seek investment, forge agreements and promote international cooperation.

Inspiring insights
from key speakers

Join thought leaders and pioneers at powerful keynotes, panel discussions and round table sessions. Share ideas and gain new perspectives on the future of African development and business.

* Full program available soon

Africa’s most
inspired creators

IATF2023 will be a haven for the curious and innovative. With four streams - arts & crafts, film, music, fashion - visitors can explore the gigantic creative know-how of the continent with artists from across Africa.

Spotlights on
5 African countries

What does the traditional Eritrean “atsebhi” taste like? What is so special about the traditional Congolese Dance? Every day, the spotlight will land on one African country as they showcase their culture and know-how with special festivities.

Make deals
face to face

IATF supports attendees to make deals, not just connections. We're aiming to boost trade and investment across Africa and beyond, with international trade organisations and agencies providing routes into markets outside Africa. Mark your successful IATF deals with signing ceremonies in dedicated pavilions.

Don't miss your moment!