Country Day

$43bnin trade investment deals +75countries +1,600exhibitors +35Kvisitors & buyers
The Country Day feature allows selected African countries to showcase and promote its trade and investment
opportunities as well as tourism and cultural attractions for ONE day at IATF2023.

Country Day opportunity

The Country Day opportunity at IATF2023 provides each country a unique and prominent platform to promote business sectors, trade credentials, export market products and services and capital market opportunities. The IATF2023 theme of ‘Connecting African Markets’ provides participating countries a unique platform allowing a special focus on their country’s economy. The selected countries will have access to a captive market of buyers, visitors, exhibitors, and media attending the IATF2023 for an entire day, providing the Country Day hosts with a dedicated platform to market said country’s potential.

Benefits to selected countries:

  • Increase awareness for the country’s products and services available for export
  • Enhance market intelligence: increased export orders /contracts generated
  • Establish new contacts for joint venture agreements: dealership / distributorship within the continent and beyond
  • Expose companies from the country to international competitiveness and best practices
  • New markets for the country exportable products
  • Increased employment of youths in export-oriented companies
  • Increased foreign exchange earnings

Country Days at IATF2023

13 November

Egypt Country Day

11 November

ARISE IIP Industrialisation Day

14 November

Algeria Country Day

To enquire about Country Days during IATF2023, please contact:

Papy Luzala

+27 (0) 82 558 8214 +27 (0) 82 558 8214 papy.luzala@rxglobal.com